Rediscover Your Customer™ From early-stage start-ups to senior C-suite professional marketers, we’ve heard that you are overwhelmed, and it keeps coming back to marketing and the customer. We can help. Start Rediscovering Marketing Doesn't have to be a Mystery. We’re here to dig through the data and take the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. Start Testing Ideas Recruit & Keep Marketing READY TO BUILD YOUR MARKETING TEAM? WE CAN HELP! Build Your Marketing Team Relief for Marketing Professionals WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK! Start Reducing Stress
We’ve listened…

We’ve Launched Something new!

Leaders told us about the need for support at different stages of marketing. From do-it-yourself customer research to recruiting marketing talent, we have created products and customized services to support your business. We will continue to check in and innovate based on customer feedback!

Supporting Businesses at Different Stages of Marketing

From early-stage start-ups ready to roll up your sleeves to later stage businesses looking to recruit marketing talent, we can help. We can teach you and also be there to guide you throughout the different stages of Marketing and your business.


No Marketing Knowledge

DIY Kits



In Business

Ready to Increase Sales

DIY Kits




Growing Marketing Team


Help to Recruit

Keep Thriving

Bring a Team


Needs a Clone to Backfill

CMO On-Demand

Meet Our New

SIGNATURE Products & Services

Working with leaders at different stages of marketing, we’ve created our signature products and services to help your marketing work for you. From early-stage start-ups to senior C-suite professional marketers, we’ve heard that you are overwhelmed, and it keeps coming back to marketing and the customer.

Concept Validation Kits

Got an idea for a new product or business? See if it resonates before you invest time and money. Choose from complete DIY Kits to some support and advisory.

Sales Tune-up Kits

Are your sales not as forecasted? Rediscover your customer. Choose from complete DIY kits to some support and advisory.

Recruitment Advisory

Ready to hire, but don’t know what resources and expertise will be best for your business? We can help you to recruit the right team.

CMO On-Demand

Do you need a senior a leader to back-fill when you’re on maternity / parental leave or need help with one of the many new product launches on your to-do list? We can help.

Kim Medynsky, MBA, B.Ed.
Principal & Founder

Message from the Founder

I have worked in marketing for over 25 years and specialized in voice of customer research and connecting the feedback to action. Yes, I love data and strategy – the area where leaders are hungry for help.

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Observations as a Marketing Leader

I have observed several gaps when it comes to understanding the customer, and the complexities of marketing can overwhelm leaders. The result: sales have been affected; marketing budgets and teams have been cut; frustration between marketing and non-marketing leaders, and; the customer doesn’t feel heard.

Marketing gets a bad wrap, but the customer holds the key.

My Commitment

After conducting voice of customer research with entrepreneurs and marketing leaders, I have listened and taken action. This website has been designed to provide do-it-yourself toolkits for entrepreneurs with different levels of support, consulting for businesses ready to recruit marketing talent and keep marketing, as well as marketing leadership on demand.

Vision for Medynsky+

Help to close the gaps in understanding the customer and change the perception of marketing. Your business could be the lifeline that will help people, and without access to professional resources, your customers won’t get what they need. It is the circle of life for business. Medynsky+ products and services were created to empower leaders and their customers.

What our clients and Partners are saying

Joe Dales

“Kim Medynsky has facilitated workshops at the RoundHouse Accelerator and has so much knowledge about best practices when it comes to voice of customer research and taking the right actions with the feedback. This is truly productizing decades of wisdom into a very affordable solution.”

~ Joe Dales, RH Accelerator

Dr. Janan Dean & Steve McNaughton

“We are thrilled with the results from conducting our voice of customer research following the tools, post for feedback, and advisory time. The M&A kits provided helpful tips and the guidance from a senior marketing professional helped us to connect the dots so much faster.”

~ Dr. Janan Dean & Steve McNaughton, Proof Line Dairy