Busy Marketing Professionals –

We’ve got your back!

You told us about the long days, about being overloaded since there is only one of you in the Marketing leadership role, and about important projects being put on hold.  Some of you delayed family plans because your job might be at risk if you’re not there.

You also told us about needing that point of difference for your career success and the changing customer. We can help with our Rediscover Your Customer strategies, master classes, and tools that will give you an advantage.

We can also help you with our CMO On-Demand and our marketing just in time.

Bottom line, we hear you, and we are here for you.

Rediscover Your Customer

Unlock rich customer insights to guide the brand and connect to strategic action. Experienced CMO and customer translator. 

Marketing Leadership for a Project

(Example: Product Launch)

Need extra Bench strength to guide new product concepts or oversee the launch of a line extension and invigorate the players?

Marketing Leadership to Achieve Goals

(Example: Revitalize declining product or service)

Need to bring life to a declining brand or recently Acquired a brand and need to achieve targets?

CMO on Maternity or Parental Leave

Need senior level expertise to cover while you’re away with peace of mind that your brand will thrive until you return and you have one less thing to worry about?

Marketing Leadership Ongoing

(Example: Guide a Team / Bring Additional Resources)

Time to offload but need senior bench strength?

Message from the Founder

Kim Medynsky, MBA, B.Ed. Principal & Founder

As a senior marketing leader, I work with businesses that have an idea to market, help to bring people back to their business after sales decline, and help to grow their businesses to their greatest potential. The common challenge is that customers are complex and difficult to understand – but they hold the key to success.

Rediscovering your customer is an ongoing journey! Enjoy!

Let’s discuss your needs.