Ready to Build Your Marketing Team? We can help!

It’s time for you to hire the right marketing talent, but it is complicated and a bit confusing since not all marketing talent is equal.

You told us that determining the type of talent that you require is just as challenging as keeping the talent. We can help you to determine what you need, play an advisory role in the recruitment, or play a leadership role and bring in the team.

Marketing Talent Packages

C-Suite leaders looking to hire the right Marketing talent M&A Marketing can offer support:

Marketing Leadership

CMO On-Demand to play a senior role to guide on a contract basis until the goals are achieved and/or team in-place to take the role full-time

Leadership & Team

Bring in the M&A team and partners to help you to achieve your business goals.

Advisory Role

Guide the recruitment efforts to bring on the right talent and help to keep the awesome talent too!

Kim Medynsky, MBA, B.Ed. Principal & Founder

Message from the Founder

As a senior marketing leader, I work with businesses that have an idea to market, help to bring people back to their business after sales decline, and help to grow their businesses to their greatest potential. The common challenge is that customers are complex and difficult to understand – but they hold the key to success.

Rediscovering your customer is an ongoing journey! Enjoy!

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