Fly Past analysis paralysis and produce actionable research

Get answers to market questions from investors & banks.



  • Step-by-step Modules with Templates
  • 6 Overview Videos
  • 4 How-to Tutorial Videos
  • Case Studies
  • Sample Analyses

“This is too cheap! Kim’s years of knowledge packed into a $199.99 kit is an incredible deal!”

John Parlow

Co-founder, Pulp & Press Juice Company

“Kim does great work! Her ability to draw insights and connect to marketing strategy is valuable for decision making in business.”

Alan C. Middleton

Director , Schulich’s Executive Business School and Executive Marketing

Kim Medynsky, MBA, B.Ed. Principal & Founder

Do You have an Analysis Phobia [Definition: Fear of interpreting insights]

You’re not alone! Over 67% of leaders say they have insights that they never action. That’s about to change!

Medynsky+ has been conducting customer research and developing strategic marketing plans for large brands since it was founded by Kim Medynsky, MBA, B.Ed. in 2008. Entrepreneurs have asked for affordable access to Kim’s knowledge and we have listened and created our Do-it-yourself Analysis & Taking Action Kit.

Our Goal: help leaders to action insights ranging from low-hanging fruit to allocating resources for bigger priorities.

For those who like to roll-up their sleeves, we have our complete DIY Kit for $199.99, or access some guidance for only $299.99 with our “The Post for Feedback” option, or if you want more support, we have the “Feedback & Advisory Kit” @ $549.99 (One-time price plus applicable taxes)

Rediscovering your customer is an ongoing journey! Enjoy!

What’s in the box?

Templates to help you interpret and remove biases
Case Studies from businesses that followed the process
Examples, videos, easy-to-follow framework