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Tips for Shopping

Before you get started shopping, please takes some time to read through a few tips:

  1. Do you have an idea for a product or business, or have you launched a business recently? Check out the Concept Survey Kits and Analysis Kits (the red kits below).
  2. Are your sales declining, or would you like to expand? Check out the Sales Tune-up Survey Kits and Analysis Kits (the orange kits below).
  3. Now, choose from complete “Do-it-yourself”, “Post for Feedback”, or “Post for Feedback and Advisory”. It all depends on your comfort level navigating the survey and analysis – we can teach you how to fish or be there to help you fish.
  4. We recommend that you “Bundle” the Survey Kit and the Analysis Kit from the category that represents the stage of your business, so you have all the steps to guide you.